How we do function?
  1. Firstly, we expect an order-application in a form of an e-mail, personal or telephone contact. On this basis we analyse and assess the complexity of an order.
  2. We reply to an application within 3 working-days Should the order be accepted we decide on the time and place of meeting to present to you the solution you are looking for.
  3. Having signed a deal, after the range od the order has been decided and all the financial conditions have been set we progress to realisation of the task.
  4. Since this moment we declare to carry out the task within the time declared in the deal.
  5. The final step is the finishing of the transaction once the task is carried out.

  6. We specialise in search for attractive offers of import/export (Europe, Asia, America)
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We have the expirience and contacts in the world-markets, therefore we offer high quality service for our clients.

We only realise these orders which are among the possibilities of TRUST Trade Company.

We treat every application seriously and we count on the same attitude from our clients.
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GSM: +48 601 702 149

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